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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BabyWombie Ring Sling - Chinese New Year 2009 Collections

BabyWombie Ring Sling - The Royale Blue Laffy-Taffy meets Flower Power
single-layer blue taffeta
purple thread trimming
happy flower patches
medium-sized aluminium rings used
RM 119

ps : for you, Kristie...

BabyWombie Ring Sling IKEA Happy Red Hippo 'Bubbles' Collection
...'bring back the tartans, Scotty'...
(it ain't no sarong!)
single layered cotton grey tartan with red stripes
lime green thread trimmings
large red aluminium rings used
RM 119

The Chinese Royale Blue Laffy-Taffy Ring Sling
Oriental Chinese buttons in bright orange/yellow
single layer blue taffeta ring sling
sunshine yellow thread trimmings
pleats-in-situ on the tail
medium-sized aluminium rings used
RM 119

nb : the colour is the same as the Blue Royale flash distorted the original gorgeous sheen!

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