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Friday, January 23, 2009

BabyWombie Ring Sling - Chinese New Year 2009 Collections

ps : for our friend in Brunei

BabyWombie ring sling 'HotHot IKEA Happy Green Hippo'
special edition/request by a mummy
glorious fiery red taffeta
single layer ring sling
trimmed with golden yellow ribbon borders
gold large aluminium rings used
RM 119

BabyWombie Ring Sling IKEA Series
single-layer blue taffeta sling
IKEA 'Barnek 2006' abstract border pattern
lined with hot pink threads and baby pink ribbons
medium size red aluminum rings used
single layered
RM 119

ps : for your Jayden, Joy...

BabyWombie Ring Sling 'Patchy Flowers'
single-layered baby pink polka cotton sling
cheerful pink borders
patch work flowers in playful colours
large turquoise aluminium rings used
RM 119

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