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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BabyWombie Ring Sling - Christmas 2008 Collections

BabyWombie Ring Sling 'The Xmas-y'
stretchable hot chilli red cotton
IKEA Hordis border pattern
trimmed with thin electric blue ribbons and blue thread
blue medium-sized aluminium rings used
single layered
RM 119

ps : for you, Claudia...

BabyWombie Ring Sling 'The Mini Tarzan'
stretchable earth brown cotton
natural leopard print border pattern
trimmed with striking crimson ribbons and orange thread
golden medium-sized rings used
single layered

BabyWombie Ring Sling IKEA Series
pin-striped darkest black cotton
IKEA 'Barnek 2006' abstract border pattern
trimmed with wide electric blue ribbons
lined with pink threads
large-sized pinky aluminium rings used
single layered
RM 119

ps : for you son, suriati

sold out!

BabyWombie Ring Sling 'Patchy Flowers'
single-layered grey silk
patch work flowers in playful colours
trimmed with sunshine yellow threads
medium-sized silver aluminium rings used
RM 119

ps : sold...for your twins mummy chinnee...


sunshine yellow satin borders

large slate aluminium rings

red hot chili satin borders
medium sized black aluminium rings

sweet baby pink satin borders
large silver aluminium rings

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